Thank you for your interest in the Household Poetry Gift Baskets!

For many years I have been fortunate enough to be part of many bridal and baby showers.  During
which, my favorite gifts are the fun poems.  These poems are lyrical but true statements related to
the theme and yet they provide an invaluable gift.  

The gifts are of household items.  When setting up your new home it is wonderful to get appliances
and dishes but the one thing that gets overlooked and can prove costly are everyday items.  
Cleaning products such as laundry detergents, furniture polish, floor wax and the like have always
been overlooked but prices have skyrocketed.  This is a well-appreciated gift and usually the first to
be used.  In the rare case more than one is received the second always gets used and never
returned!  Couples not used to different brands have an opportunity to try multiple types and choose
their own brands.  It is a great way to help put anyone on their own off to a good-start.  

Over the years it’s been hard to find these poems.  However, we have created a unique and very
simple version that everyone will enjoy.   All our basket poems come in two sizes.  The full-size
consists generally of 20 products the small size consists generally of 10 products.   We also
include a free second poem that illustrates each product so the bride can read along while you use
the illustrated poem (directions).  

All Household Gift Basket Poems are sent out within 24 hours of payment.  However, the
Personalized is considered a custom poem and is done within standard poetry timing.
Our Famous Household Gift Basket  Poems:  reveal household products as you read the poem.  
Underlined words are products to buy.  All household poems are available in 10 or 20 item poems.

Bridal Shower begins: ...The SECRET's out!...All the planning may put you on EDGE but try
not to SHOUT! ...
Baby Shower begins: ...Just a few helpful hints for the PARENTS to get you off to a
GOODSTART.  The TEETHER may drive you BANANAS...
College/ On Own:  perfect for the high school graduate off to dorm at college.  Or a young
adult getting their own place for the first time. begins...Don’t be nervous, we are SURE you
will do FANTASTIC! ...
Over the Hill begins: ...Don't be on EDGE, because LIFE seems to be flying by.  You can
ALWAYS DEPEND on me to be laughing at your side! ...
Personalized:  We can use items you have already purchased and turn in into your very
own unique personalized household gift basket poetry gift.
Coming Soon:  Grooms Survival Kit & Dads Survival Kit                                                       
(Why should women have all the fun!)

Although these Household Gift Basket Poems are our most famous item.  We do offer additional
wedding poetry gifts.  Unique Personalized Poetry Invitations, Vows, Speeches, Cards, Toasts,
Thank you's, and Favors.
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